Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Market and Archer Uni-Fluid -Whitepaper

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are designing off-road equipment to exhibit maximum performance and efficiency. Engineered with the customer in mind, equipment continues to hit the field with increased horsepower, greater torque, higher hydraulic flow rates and higher operating pressures. With changing hardware comes a greater need for a high performing fluid to offer longer lasting protection and stability in the field.

A tractor hydraulic fluid (THF) is a multi-functional fluid formulated specifically for tractors and off-road equipment using a centralized system to lubricate the transmission, hydraulic system, clutches, wet brakes, pumps and other components. The fluid is expected to manage countless jobs with the various components while also being exposed to heat, shearing and wear. Greater equipment demands and more severe conditions in the field has led to higher operating temperatures, which can equate in oil degradation and shearing. With shearing, equipment is exposed to inconsistent fluid flow and efficiency losses. Over time, shearing leads to mechanical wear and increased downtime in the field. The need for a high performing tractor hydraulic fluid has never been greater. It is even more critical today to use a fluid that is formulated to stabilize, protect and clean well throughout the oil drain interval.

Stability – A premium tractor hydraulic fluid will have a higher viscosity index, indicating the viscosity of the oil is less dependent on temperature. Today’s premium tractor hydraulic fluids have a viscosity index improver to provide year-round fluid stability. The viscosity index improver will contract at cold temperatures to provide better pumpability and will expand at higher temperatures maintaining adequate viscosity and offering better component protection. A shear-stable tractor hydraulic fluid with a higher quality viscosity index improver will provide uniform fluidity for consistent and dependable operation even when exposed to tighter tolerances, increased heat and higher operating pressure.

Protection – Anti-wear, anti-corrosion and extreme-pressure additives in a high performing fluid maximize efficiency of the transmission, hydraulics and final drives to minimize repairs and downtime. A premium tractor hydraulic fluid will also include an emulsifier to hold water in suspension. Condensation from temperature swings can lead to water accumulation, and without good emulsification, water will settle to metal surfaces leading to rust and corrosion. Filter clogging can also occur due to high water contamination within the fluid. Good water handling capability is especially critical during low-use periods, within the hydraulic pump and on components such as bearings and bushings.

Cleanliness – As drain intervals extend and operating temperatures increase, optimized fluid quality and performance throughout the oil drain interval becomes increasingly critical. Cleaners, such as detergents, dispersants and anti-oxidants, inhibit fluid degradation. Fluid degradation can lead to increased viscosity, deposit build-up, sludge and corrosive acids, affecting overall equipment efficiency.

Archer Uni-Fluid XP is designed as a balanced, high performing, universal tractor hydraulic fluid, eliminating the need to use different fluids across numerous brands of tractors and other equipment. It has been successfully field tested in over 250 tractors and combines for more than 200,000 hours. Archer Uni-Fluid XP offers superior lubricity, wear protection, and rust and oxidation resistance. With new, innovative technology that meets or exceeds most OEM specifications, Archer Uni-Fluid XP incorporates performance that delivers value.

Formulated for Longer Lasting Protection

  • Superior extreme pressure protection prevents wear by providing an “anti-scuffing” layer on critical parts exposed to heavy loads and the effects of increased horsepower/torque.
  • Advanced viscosity index improver chemistry decreases fluid sensitivity to temperature changes. It flows easier when cold and protects better at higher operating temperatures.
  • Improved anti-oxidant protection extends fluid life. It slows degradation and oil thickening when fluids encounter high operating temperatures.
  • Enhanced anti-wear capability provides a protective boundary between metal surfaces in gears, bearings and pumps.
  • Emulsifiers hold water in suspension throughout the drain interval to protect metal surfaces against rust and corrosion.
  • Anti-foam agents protect hydraulic pumps against cavitation.
  • Meets or exceeds major OEM specifications: visit the product catalog on ArcherOil.com

The technology used in today’s high-powered equipment requires much more from lubricants than legacy equipment. For optimum performance from a tractor’s transmission, final drives, power take off (PTO), oil-immersed brakes, and hydraulic system, a premium, well-balanced fluid, such as Archer Uni-Fluid XP, is needed.  If you’re looking for ways to extend your profitability even further, contact your local Archer Lubricants distributor for more information.