Why Archer?


​Babe Ruth, Henry Ford, Archer Oil.  The Archer Oil brand dates back to 1929.

Those who hear the Archer story for the first time are often surprised. Archer has been producing high-quality lubricants for farmers and heavy-duty equipment operators since 1929. But Archer got its start in the air—not on the ground.

A collage of images of farmers and aviator workers.

Back in the twenties, both commercial and private aviation were in their infancy. Little was known about airplanes, their power plants, and their lubrication problems. As the airplane became more common for commercial use, it became evident that every precaution must be taken to improve its safety record if the industry was to make a permanent place for itself in the transportation world. Thorough investigation of accidents led to the knowledge that a large percentage of accidents were caused by engine failures brought on by faulty lubrication.

A collage of images of airplanes circa World War II

A new system of quality control of aircraft oils came into effect. Only oils of proven high quality could be used. These oils needed to be so highly refined that all of the non-lubricating materials were removed and the finished product had the extra stamina required for aviation use built into it. Archer developed this high-quality oil, and thus Archer's tradition of superior quality was launched.

A collage of images of 1940s-era workers

When Archer introduced this tougher oil to the agricultural and heavy-duty equipment markets, operators soon discovered that this oil—built to withstand the extra heat and strain of an aircraft engine—naturally lasted longer and protected better than any of the conventional oils. That quality was something they wanted in their equipment—that quality was what they wanted to tell their neighbors about.

Collage of images of a farmer with his children