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Archer Two-Cycle Oil’s high performance mitigates plug fouling, minimizes smoking, reduces engine deposits, and offers unsurpassed protection against scuffing. It is designed for water-cooled two-cycle engines, most pre-mix and oil-injected snowmobiles, outboards, motorcycles, and other engines operating under light to severe conditions. It is also recommended for many air-cooled applications. (See your owner’s manual.)

Archer Two-Cycle Oil is pre-diluted to facilitate mixing with gasoline, even at low temperatures. It meets TC-W3 as well as TC-WII and TC-W requirements.


  • Inherently gel resistant, even during storage.
  • Low aquatic toxicity, therefore less harmful to aquatic life.
  • Excellent low-temperature characteristics: easy to pour and mix with fuel in winter.
  • Helps keep snowmobile exhaust valves clean.
  • Very low-smoke formulation.
  • Provides anti-carbon deposit and anti-piston deposit protection, which allows the piston rings to move freely.
  • High film strength provides excellent lubricity, which enables engine speeds up to 8,000 rpm with excellent piston scuffing protection.
  • Passed the severe AF-27 Lubricity Test, a requirement for NMMA Recertified TC-W3 oils in 2004.


Archer Two-Cycle TC-W3 Engine Oil is recommended for all equipment whose owner’s manuals require lubricants with the following specifications:

  • All liquid-cooled two-cycle engines requiring: NMMA TC-W3, TCWII, TC-W, or BIAapproved oils
  • Air-cooled two-cycle engines requiring: API TC or JASO FB oils

Archer Two-Cycle Engine TC-W3 Oil’s NMMA Certification Number is TC-W3 RL-26040E. Always follow the engine manufacturer’s gasoline-to-oil ratio recommendation for proper lubrication, found in the equipment owner’s manual.

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