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Archer Low-Viscosity Uni-Fluid XP is a multifunctional, superior-quality fluid, specially formulated for use in transmissions, final drives, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems of tractors and other equipment employing a common fluid reservoir.

It is designed for use in low-temperature applications and wherever a fluid meeting John Deere J20D is specified.

It is formulated with high-quality base oil, a superior viscosity index improver, and a special additive package providing unsurpassed oxidation and corrosion inhibition, anti-wear properties, anti-foam, and excellent frictional characteristics.



  • Controlled friction properties for smooth and efficient transmission of power across all normal temperature ranges.
  • Excellent lubricating characteristics for quiet operation, smooth shifting, and excellent wear protection.
  • Long fluid life and long transmission life.
  • Exceptional oxidation stability and resistance to chemical deterioration.
  • Excellent viscosity stability (high viscosity index) to help assure adequate lubrication without excessive thinning in severe high-temperature service or thickening at low starting temperatures.
  • Superb protection against rust and corrosion, as well as special protection for soldered fittings.
  • Excellent resistance to foaming.
  • Compatible with common transmission seal materials.


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