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Archer Low Ash Severe Duty SAE 40 Oil is a premium, low ash natural gas engine oil formulated for severe engine conditions in renewable energy and clean fuel applications.

Archer Low Ash Severe Duty SAE 40 Oil is formulated with a unique combination of detergents and antioxidants to provide excellent deposit control and prevent valve recession. This oil is designed to protect engines against the negative effect of siloxanes in landfill gas and neutralize bio-acids that are generated in biogas and wastewater applications. It also provides noticeably cleaner performance with less deposits and varnish and enables extended drain intervals for reduced maintenance costs.

Archer Low Ash Severe Duty SAE 40 Oil is blended with high-quality base oil and unique additives to provide unequaled engine protection and extended oil life*, even under the most severe engine conditions.


  • Unique salicylate detergent technology provides superior cleanliness, improved oxidation resistance and Base Number durability to protect against acidic corrosive wear
  • Designed with a balanced formulation including dispersants, antioxidants and anti-wear agents for enhanced protection under severe operating conditions
  • Low ash formulation provides excellent deposit control to reduce spark plug fouling
  • Formulated for extended oil life and improved cylinder head life
  • Excellent oxidation and nitration resistance for compression service
  • Formulated to reduce valve guttering and torching, reduce oil thickening and mitigate cylinder liner wear
  • Engineered for catalyst compatibility


  • Biogas service
  • Landfill service
  • Compression service (clean fuel)

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