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Archer Gold Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 75W-90 is an API GL-5 extreme pressure gear lubricant formulated for improved fuel economy in light, mid and heavy-duty applications compared to typical petroleum 75W-90 gear lubricants. It is engineered using synthetic base oil which provides a high viscosity index and a low pour point. Archer Gold Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 75W-90 also contains extreme pressure additives, along with rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to protect gears and bearings operating under a wide variety of load conditions. This lubricant features an optimized viscosity to allow lower churning losses and still maintain adequate bearing and gear protection.


  • Better operating performance – as a result of the superior lubricating properties and low viscosity profile of Archer Gold Synthetic SAE 75W-90, improved fuel mileage can be realized.
  • Increased gear life – this extreme pressure (EP) lubricant results in longer gear life by providing extremely high film strength and superior low-temperature performance.
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties promote extended gear and bearing life.
  • Extended drain, all-season lubrication – with an extremely low channel point and high viscosity index, this lubricant provides excellent performance over a broad temperature range.
  • Resists oxidation; it will last significantly longer than conventional gear oils.
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime.

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