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Archer Gold Lubri-Tac is a moly-fortified, lithium complex, heavy-duty extreme pressure grease that offers excellent protection during high-temperature and heavily loaded conditions. Its unique formulation is very adhesive and will not sling off under shock loading conditions. The dropping point exceeds 500F, which ensures retention where high temperatures are experienced. Archer Gold Lubri-Tac provides excellent water resistance without affecting pumpability and is specially formulated to provide protection against rust and copper corrosion. Available as NLGI 2 and 0.


  • NLGI Grade 2 meets NLGI GC-LB performance criteria
  • Superior wear protection
  • State-of-the-art lithium complex grease with 3% molybdenum disulfide for exceptional shock load carrying capability
  • High dropping point
  • Better adhesion in wet environments and resistance to water washout
  • Improves sealing against dirt and water
  • Designed to provide better pumpability in cold temperature applications


  • Always store tubes upright in a clean, cool, and dry place
  • Store in a protected area with ambient temperatures between 32 and 86F
  • Keep container covered when not in use
  • Avoid prolonged storage
  • Depressurize and clean grease gun when leaving grease in the gun
  • Always use clean equipment

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