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Archer Gold Lubri-Shield is a high performing polyurea thickened grease, formulated with select additives and a high-quality base oil. Archer Gold Lubri-Shield performs very well in wheel bearing, load carrying capacity, extreme pressure performance and corrosion control testing. It also boasts a high-temperature dropping point of over 500F.
Archer Gold Lubri-Shield displays great resistance to water washout, superior shear stability and excellent pumpability. It works well in centralized lubrication systems, even in colder temperatures. Available as NLGI 2 and 0.


  • Agricultural, automotive, and industrial chassis and wheel bearing applications
  • Roller bearing and sliding applications
  • Highly loaded industrial applications
  • Wheel bearing applications that are disk brake-equipped


  • NLGI Grade 2 offering meets NLGI GC-LB performance criteria
  • Provides superior mechanical stability
  • Formulated with extreme pressure additives for enhanced load carrying capabilities
  • Offers excellent resistance to water washout
  • Features a high temperature dropping point
  • Provides good pumpability, including cold weather operability
  • Engineered for long-life bearing performance


  • Always store tubes upright in a clean, cool, and dry place
  • Store in a protected area with ambient temperatures between 32 and 86F
  • Keep container covered when not in use
  • Avoid prolonged storage
  • Depressurize and clean grease gun when leaving grease in the gun
  • Always use clean equipment

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