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Archer Gold Lubri-Plex Semi-Synthetic #2 is an NLGI CG-LB certified calcium sulfonate complex thickened grease formulated with a semi-synthetic base oil blend. Its EP and AW additive system improves the functionality of the grease under changing lubrication conditions. The over-based thickener structure is one of the main distinguishing features compared to other thickener systems, which allows rapid neutralization of any acidic type corrosive contaminants.

Archer Gold Lubri-Plex Semi-Synthetic #2 provides exceptional mechanical stability; very high load carrying capability; excellent resistance to water, oxidation, and corrosion resistance; and outstanding performance in a wide range of temperatures. This grease also portrays excellent pumpability and low-torque requirements for cold starts, making it suitable for low-temperature applications.


  • Meets NLGI GC-LB performance criteria
  • Calcium sulfonate complex thickener grease formulated with a semi-synthetic base oil blend.
  • Enhanced AW/EP performance.
  • Provides improved resistance against oxidation.
  • Improved rust protection performance.
  • Higher film strength at elevated temperatures.
  • Increased load-carrying capability.
  • Superior film strength and corrosion protection characteristics.
  • Extends bearing life under extreme load conditions.
  • Improved low-temperature working characteristics.


  • Always store tubes upright in a clean, cool, and dry place
  • Store in a protected area with ambient temperatures between 32 and 86F
  • Keep container covered when not in use
  • Avoid prolonged storage
  • Depressurize and clean grease gun when leaving grease in the gun
  • Always use clean equipment

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