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Archer Competition Plus Engine Oil is strictly formulated for use in high-performance engines. It does not have a licensed API or SAE designation. It is primarily designed for alcohol-burning engines where generating the most horsepower is the main concern. Without regard for fuel economy, these engines will ultimately end up with the engine oil contaminated with excess fuel. With typical engine oil, the alcohol and oil would separate and could lead to engine failure due to inadequate lubrication.
Archer Competition Plus is formulated with a blend of special base oil and additives to prevent the oil and alcohol from separating, keeping the engine lubricated properly during the competition. This unique engine oil is also blended with higher levels of zinc and phosphorus for added protection for those high-priced engines.


• Strictly formulated for alcohol-burning engines to protect against contamination from excess fuel burned.
• Formulated with high-quality base oil and a unique additive package to protect the engine from increased wear in severe conditions.
• Blended with a higher level of zinc and phosphorus for added wear protection.

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