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Archer Artic-Flo Hydraulic Fluid is an all-weather hydraulic fluid designed to operate in extreme cold conditions with its pour point of -85°F. It is designed for use in outdoor stationary hydraulic units, snowplows, and other hydraulic or hoist applications exposed to extreme cold temperatures.

It features a high viscosity index, which enables the product to be used year-round. This high viscosity index also allows this product to be used in precision control hydraulic systems. It is formulated with rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-foam additives, and anti-wear compounds.

Archer Artic-Flo Hydraulic Fluid has a high dielectric strength of 40 KV when packaged, which is extremely sensitive to humidity and contamination. This product must be kept clean and free of water contamination in order to maintain its dielectric strength.


  • Bucket trucks (cherry pickers)
  • Snowplows
  • Garbage trucks
  • Outdoor stationary hydraulic units
  • Industrial and mobile equipment
  • Surface mining equipment
  • Public utility vehicles
  • Firefighting lift trucks
  • Construction equipment operating in cold climates
  • Cranes and aerial lifts


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