Archer Diesel Performance Additive

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Specially Formulated for Today's Modern Diesel Fuels and Typical Biodiesel Blends

ARCHER DIESEL PERFORMANC​E ADDITIVE is a multifunctional all-season diesel fuel additive, formulated to deliver improved performance in today’s modern and conventional diesel engines. Designed to provide superior injector cleanliness from traditional coking and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) internal deposits, Archer D.P.A. not only restores and maintains horsepower, but can help improve fuel economy as well. The innovative additive system incorporates a cetane booster to improve ignition quality and also contains robust additives to improve lubricity and optimize performance during the winter months by preventing fuel line freeze while delivering a superior cold filter plugging point (CFPP).


Detergents are used to protect injectors from deposits. The primary goal of these detergents is to maintain or restore engine cleanliness by removing existing deposits while preventing the formation of new ones. By cleaning these common deposits, the detergents in Archer D.P.A. also provide power restoration and boost fuel economy.

Two prevalent injector deposits in the field are:

  • Traditional coking deposits
  • Internal sticking deposits or carboxylate salts

The detergents in Archer D.P.A. also attack dirt and monoglycerides and break down emulsions that contribute to plugged filters, slow pump rates, rough operation, poor drivability, and engine shutdown.

Lubricity Improver

Diesel fuel pumps and injectors are lubricated by the fuel. Lubricity protection is becoming more important in modern-day systems due to:

  • Increased temperatures
  • Increased pressures
  • Tighter tolerances

Lubricity improvers protect the metal surfaces by creating a boundary layer. The boundary layer is formed with a polar head group and nonpolar tail group on each surface. Archer D.P.A. includes a lubricity improver to provide additional protection in modern fuels.

Cetane Improver

Cetane improver increases the ignitability of diesel fuel, which is measured by timing between fuel injection and ignition. The benefits from this technology include improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, warm-up times, low-temperature misfires, and engine noise.

Cold Flow Improver

After going through the refinery hydrotreating process, diesel fuel contains paraffins which can worsen cold flow. These "paraffin waxes" crystallize during cold temperatures and can attach to each other to form agglomerations that restrict fuel flow and can ultimately lead to plugged filters. Archer D.P.A. contains cold flow improvers that not only modify these wax crystals but also inhibit growth, equating to better fuel flow when the temperatures drop.


Moisture can accumulate in the tanks of diesel engines and freeze in low temperatures. These icy conditions can cause fuel line and filter freezing, plugging, and engine stalling. The deicer in Archer D.P.A. migrates to the water layer and significantly lowers the freeze point.

Archer DPA Rates

For Quarts*
For Bulk, Totes, Drums, and 2.5 Gallon containers
Application Benefits
1 Quart:185 Gallons 1 Gallon:1500 Gallons For DW-10 injector cleanliness level
1 Quart:125 Gallons 1 Gallon:1000 Gallons For "keep clean" and winter operations
1 Quart:60 Gallons 1 Gallon:500 Gallons For chronic clean-up and severe winter operations

Pour directly into the tank, and add fuel second.

*Note that quart container treat rates are higher. Additional solvent is added to the bottle to deliver a full quart.

The information above was provided in part by Afton, the additive supplier with whom GROWMARK Lubricants works to blend Archer D.P.A.

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