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newsArcher Diesel Performance Additive

Archer Diesel Performance Additive

​​​Specially Formulated for Today's Modern Diesel Fuels and Typical Biodiesel Blends

Archer Diesel Performanc​e Additive is a multi-functional all season diesel fuel additive, formulated to deliver improved performance in today’s modern and conventional diesel engines.  Designed to provide superior injector cleanliness from traditional coking and ULSD internal deposits, Archer DPA incorporates a cetane booster to improve ignition quality.  The innovative additive system helps prevent fuel line freeze, delivers superior CFPP, and WASA performance.

Add Archer DPA at a rate of:

1:1500   DW10 injecto​r cleanliness level

1:1000   “Keep Clean” \Winter operations

1:500     Chronic Clean-up \ Severe Winter

Pour directly into the tank, and add fuel second.

All Season Performance


 Clean Injectors


​Traditional 'Coking' Deposits
  • Deposits form inside nozzle fuel flow holes
  • Deposits build up on tip of injector
  • Affect fuel spray pattern and volume delivery


  • Internal 'Sticking' Deposits
    • Deposits form inside injector on internal moving parts
    • Affect injection timing and fuel volume delivery
    • More common in modern HPCR engines




Peugeot DW-10 Test – Standard Injector Coking Test

​Testing for Internal Injector Deposit Performance

  • CEC F98-08 Test Method
  • Test engine is a Peugeot DW-10 2.0L with Common Rail Direct Injection
    • 1600 Bar Max Rail Pressure
    • Siemens Euro 5 Injectors
  • Test measures power loss during high load engine cycles
    • Baseline is established first
    • Fuel is then doped with 1 ppm Zinc
    • Fuel additives added
  • Additives should keep power loss within 2% in order to carry a DW-10 keep clean rating
  • Peugeot 2.0L DI LDD DW-10 engine
  • Base fuel contains DDS acid and Na ion
    • Ingredients needed to form sodium carboxylate deposits
  • The base fuel will stick injectors   < 8 hrs
    • Injector sticking is monitored using the cylinder exhaust gas temperatures
    • Power loss is also monitored
  • Detergents are added to the base fuel and the test is run for 8 hour increments to see if deposits can be removed or prevented



  • DW-10 Performance to Protect against traditional coking deposits
  • Protection Against the Formation of Sticky Internal Injector Deposits and Offers Clean Up Power!


 Benefits of Clean Injectors



Reducing Corrosion
Spindle Treat Rate Rating Picture
​Improves Lubricity
  • ​Diesel Fuel Pumps and injectors are lubricated by the fuel
    • Lubricity protection is becoming more important in modern day systems
  • Increased temperatures
  • Increased pressures
  • Tighter tolerances
  • Lubricity improvers protect the metal surfaces by creating a boundary layer
    • Boundary layer is formed with a polar head group and nonpolar tail group on each surface
  • Archer D.P.A. includes a lubricity improve to provide additional protection in modern fuels
​Biodiesel CompatibleArcherDPA11.png
Thermal Stability
  • ​Stability Testing, ASTM D6468
    • 180 Minute Test
Fuel Additive Treat Rate % Reflectance
Fuel ANone0 98.7%
Fuel AHiTEC® 4692800 ppmv98.3%
Fuel BNone097.6%
Fuel BHiTEC® 4692800 ppmv97.3%